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Live from online game Trinity Galaxy

Aima 2.0

Interactive here and now, in Web! Press "1", "2", "3" ...

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Corporate Mobile & Single-player games for Windows

Hero. Lehahia. Out of Space.
Annonced: Scroller, Shooter, HoverRacing, Fighting

Corporate Multi-player, PvP & team games for Windows

Citadels. NII.
Annonced: Team Shooter, Team Tanks, Team HoverRacing, Team SpaceFlyer

Enterprise Operating System iNX

iNX x64 Cloud iNX x64 Server iNX x64 Desktop iNX ARM64

Corporate Software Packages

Qpinx LiveStudio. Qpinx Robotics. Qpinx Editor 3D.
Qpinx ERP. Qpinx CMS. Qpinx e-learning. NXWorlds 4 interactive engine.

Corporate Mobile Applications

AgentNXi. CupX3 Marketplace. NXimeCloud. Task-boss.

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