NXi for Android - Official NXi Downloads

AAAiRatings.apk (4.9 MB)
AdsNet5.apk (4.91 MB)
ElochimEntertainment.apk (5.15 MB)
NXiServices.apk (4.94 MB)
NXiStart.apk (3.76 MB)
QiSearch.apk (4.9 MB)
iNXApps.apk (5.01 MB)
iNXMarket.apk (4.93 MB)

To install on your phone, you may need to enable the «Install applications from external sources» option.
And if you are on this corporate page for the first time, install NXi Start and NXi Services on your phone or tablet.

All further instructions on NXi products and training courses on how to migrate to NXi and how to use NXi products,
You will receive product descriptions and more through NXi Services digital services. Just download and register with NXi