About NXi Corporation

About NXi

NXi Corporation is a leading global enterprise focused on delivering cutting-edge solutions across various industries. With a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence, we strive to create value for our customers and stakeholders. Our team of dedicated professionals works tirelessly to ensure that we remain at the forefront of technology and service delivery. The NXi corporation is a publisher and producer of cinema and advertising, developer AAA games, visual special effects VFX for cinema, 3D graphics/CAD, advertising and music videos, software programs and databases, big data analytical and ERP software, in Moscow, Tel-Aviv, Hollywood, Hong-Kong and around a world. Price for new soft/cinema/games NXi projects started from $100000000. Analytical and consulting projects started only for B2B Enterprise/fintech partners.

Founded in 2017, NXi Corporation has grown to become a trusted name in the business world. We specialize in a wide range of services including interactive products, technology consulting, financial services, and consumer products. Our mission is to empower businesses and individuals through innovative solutions that drive growth and success.

Working Hours - Interactive Services, Mobile applications, NXiS

24/7/365 Open via Mobile applications and Interactive Services. Just download NXiS for mobile and use. Or use worldwide web version of NXiS compatible any browsers on any operating systems and platforms including Windows, MAC, Linux RHEL/Centos, Linux Debian/Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo, Astra Linux Special

NXi Corporation dont provide support for natural persons, if you need help - use WhatWish AI

Working Hours for Enterprise Customers Support only

Monday - Thursday: 10:30 - 18:00 (MSK, Moscow time). Lunch 11:30-13:30

We are operate in Moscow Vykhino NXi Enterprise HQ, Hong-Kong, Israel, Cyprus, USA Hollywood. Common languages are english, russian, orthodox & biblical hebrew.
NXi Enterprise Cloud operates in data-centers worldwide, powered by nuclear power plants and use sattelites to digital broadcasting. So, services and digital products 24/7.

Friday - Sunday: Closed

Official Information

NXi Corporation is officially registered and adheres to all regulatory requirements. We are committed to maintaining transparency and integrity in all our operations. For more detailed information, please contact our support team.

Career at NXi

There are no open vacancies. At NXi we do not hire employees with an education lower than a diploma with honors or academic degree. but you can participate in affiliate programs and become resellers and distributors of NXi products. You can apply for job offer or join partner program in NXiS.

Как попасть на работу в международную корпорацию NXi?

Открытых вакансий нет. Вы можете прислать ваше резюме через HeadHunter, через Upwork или через ЭДО, но это не гарантирует трудоустройство. Каждый новый стажёр обязательно проходит тестирования, курс индивидуального или группового обучения, и неоплачиваемую стажировку. В NXi мы не принимаем на работу сотрудников с образованием ниже диплома с отличием или ученой степени. Но вы и все вне зависимости от уровня образования можете участвовать в партнерских программах NXi и становиться реселлерами и дистрибьюторами продуктов NXi, пользователями продукции NXi и амбассадорами бренда NXi. Вы можете подать заявку на работу (для физических лиц) или присоединиться к партнерской программе (для самозанятых, индивидуальных предпринимателей, юридических лиц) только через NXiS, непосредственно в сервисах NXi NXiS или в мобильном приложении NXiS. Заявки-резюме переданные в офис, через почту, е-мейл, соцсети, мессенджеры и факс — отклоняются.

Legal Information

Our Corporation operates under the laws and regulations of Russian Enterprise. Certificate of incorporation. Local offices and business partners operates global under the laws and regulations of their Countries/Regions. We ensure full compliance with all legal standards and practices.

Official requests

for an official request or commercial proposal, you can send a document on the organization’s letterhead with the signature and seal of a responsible person with authority through the EDI system or by fax. Postal and e-mail submissions are not accepted, requests through social networks and instant messengers are considered unauthorized, requests submitted through the NXiS account are considered authorized if you are an existing client or partner of NXi Corporation and have confirmed your authority and operation with documents. Please do not come to the office, NXi Corporation does not have a reception desk for accepting documents in the office, we are an interactive modern corporation and therefore work only through electronic document management. If you are a government agency or your request is related to legal issues, please submit your request only on an official form with the signature and seal of a rank no lower than director or for government agencies no lower than general via EDI system or into NXiS.

Коммерческие предложения и иные оффициальные документы.

Коммерческие предложения и иные оффициальные документы принимаются только через ЭДО или через NXiS. Все документы и коммерческие предложения, переданные в офис, через почту, е-мейл, соцсети, мессенджеры и факс — отклоняются. Для оффициальных запросов от организаций необходим документ на фирменном бланке с печатью организации и подписью не ниже директора организации, для госструктур России — с подписью чина не ниже генерала. NXi оставляет за собой право самостоятельно выбирать контрагентов и деловых партнёров в России и отклонять любые коммерческие и деловые предложения, которые не устраивают NXi.

Заявки-резюме переданные в офис, через почту, е-мейл, соцсети, мессенджеры и факс — отклоняются.