B2B Offers from NXi to your Enterprise and Business

Offer 1: Sales in iNX Marketplace & iNX.Apps

Expand your reach by selling your products in our thriving online marketplace.

Offer 2: Switch to Our iNX Operating System

Upgrade your system to our efficient and secure operating system.

Offer 3: Join Our NXi Advertising Network

Boost your brand's visibility by joining our extensive advertising network.

Offer 4: Join Our NXi Software Distribution Network to distribute NXi software & games

Distribute your software through our vast network for maximum exposure.

Offer 5: Partnership Banks/FinTech with Advanced Investments Ratings Agency & get investments ratings into NXi Premium widgets

Collaborate with us to provide cutting-edge financial technology solutions.

to join any Enterprise offer, upload your documents and confirm your Enterprise status via request in NXi Services